Discover Your Distinct Brand of Persuasion.

Because WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU DO Matters!

About the Leader Brand Messaging Session 

In a world that has a 9 second attention span, how do you stand out and rise above the noise?

Do you

  • Struggle with how to talk about what you do so that people listen and engage more?

  • Fumble for the right words to communicate the value you bring or problem you solve?

  • Desire more confidence when it comes to selling your services?

Then this LeaderBrand Messaging Session is the perfect segue to help clarify your core messaging so customers feel compelled to listen, engage and buy from you.

During this 90-minute session, Brand Strategist, Robyn Mather, will leverage the “How You Fascinate” Brand Personality tool to identify your most valuable and marketable traits. 


Discover what language comes natural to you.

Your personality has one primary Advantage. It’s how you add value. It’s what makes you different and better. Think of it like a natural superpower for your personality. When you communicate using this Advantage, you earn more attention, and more revenue. With just 28 short questions, the Fascination Personality Test will identify your primary Advantage, and reveal your personality Archetype. 

You will leave this session knowing

  • Your top 1-3 Personalized & Powerful Core Brand Messages that will have your perfect customers raising their hands to work with you.

  • How to Make Your Competition Obsolete by leveraging what makes you different and unique. (It’s all about your power words!)

  • How to Position Your Natural Communication Advantages into a Sales Platform that will help you stand out, be remembered and gain more clients. (Not to mention, make your marketing 10x easier and more effective.)

Session Investment…………….$295

  • Includes the Fascination Assessment. Retail Value $55. 

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Here are instructions to set up your session and take the assessment.

1. Follow this link to book your strategy session:

2. Your confirmation email will contain a link to take the assessment and instructions for joining the strategy call. (Make sure to take the assessment right away so you do not forget as this needs to take place prior to our scheduled call.) 

If you experience any technical hiccups please reach out via email at or phone at 781-285-8801.

About The Fascination Advantage System

You've probably done assessments such as Myers-Briggs® or StrengthsFinder. This is different. This test doesn't measure how you see the world...It measures how the world sees you AT YOUR BEST. It is based on the science of marketing, not psychology.

Based on over a decade of research, the How To Fascinate system has been tested on over 1 million professionals and delivered to organizations such as Twitter, Starbucks, GE and Intel. Creator, Sally Hogshead, studied the communication patterns inside dozens of world-class teams, hundreds of small business, and thousands of high-performing individuals and even commissioned a study with the Kelton Research Group to understand ways in which fascination can be a shortcut to persuasion, and the ROI of making a brand, or your personality, more fascinating. To learn more about the world of Fascination, visit


About Robyn…

"I believe everyone has a distinct story to tell and a Signature Leader Brand waiting to be harnessed. My role is to help you discover the value only YOU can deliver and to show you how to leverage this new vantage point to achieve higher levels of fulfillment and success with your professional or business endeavors."

Robyn Mather is the Founder of A Social State of Mind, a boutique communications agency whose primary goal is to create dynamic coaching, consulting & workshop experiences for forward-thinking individuals, business owners, organizations and teams. She uses a suite of innovative branding exercises and expertly curated tools to help you transform your communications and brand from standard to stand-out. In 2017, Robyn became a Certified Fascinate Advisor and has expanded her service offerings to include communications training and keynotes to assist business leaders, sales organizations and other customer-facing professionals build more effective teams and improve individual performance.